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War Horse

Last term, Year 6 used War Horse by Michael Morpurgo as a literary focus. This enabled us to explore key features of fiction stories, draw out explicit information, as well as using inferences to make informed predictions about what could happen next in a story. We have studied setting and character, and the importance of factual information in writing stories which are based on true events. Through mapping the story, we have been able to identify and summarise key events and elicit information in relation to emotions that writers try to evoke. As a result of grammatical focuses, we have increased our understanding of punctuating sentences and, therefore, have been able to use these within our own writing.

In addition to the setting of the story, we have focused on World War 1 during our History topic. We have worked chronologically to better understand when, in history, this event took place and to understand key events during the build up to and during the war. We have also used digital technology to explain key events through video animation. Through research and the study of sources, we have understood key terminology from this period in time, life as a solider and life in the trenches- such research formed the basis for the construction of model trenches.

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