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Primary Science

Electricity Task: To learn about and investigate electricity in order to make a buzz-wire game.

Through our work and own investigations, we explored a range of concepts linking to electricity. We began with electrical safety, before moving on to exploring circuits and their components, such as lightbulbs, and how these are represented through the use of circuit diagrams. We investigated different circuits, tested our own predictions about them and explored insulators and conductors within a circuit.

Ultimately, we applied all of our understanding to complete the task of designing and making a working buzz wire game. Could you beat it?


Sound Task: To learn about and investigate sound in order to make functional ear defenders.

This half term, we have started our new topic of sound and are currently working towards our end task.

We began by thinking about all of the sounds around us, and how sounds are made. Through investigations, we were able to identify and prove that sound is caused by vibrations at the source. We have made our own string-telephones and used these to conduct fair tests, such as how the length of the string impacts the sound.

We will be continuing to investigate sound, looking more in depth at sound waves, volume and pitch. We will also focus on the ear in order to know how it is able to play its part in us being able to hear sounds.

Finally, we will use our knowledge to design, test and make our ear defenders.

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